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Sydonie Art's

Creative Event Consultancy & Visual Artist


"Lovely work-very inspirational!"

Samantha Hutchinson (visual artist) 3rd October 2012

"keep on keeping on "

Thomas Wright 6th October 2012

"I am only 8 years old and I like the 'contemplation' and I love it . I like what Lorna Sydonie Graham done, Your very good"

Lisa Marie Newton 8th October 2012

Hi Lorna , I met you at E. Fashion . I enjoy the work , keeping on, "Music is My Life.

Sophia Rahman 10th October 2012

"Very Classy"

Emma Newton 10th October 2012

"Looking again-well worth the view!"

Willow Winston (Instillation artist)18th October 2012

" Lovely pictures. Showcasing black beauty. LOVE IT !!!"

Gloria 18th October 2012

"Great work Lorna!"

Wali (Ceramic artist) 20th October 2012

Your work fills me with delight . especially the pastes. Excellent exhibition , beautifully displayed. I liked waterfall , Midnight, Cry Africa and the African hands map. And your story is very inspirational ."

Ruth Hutchinson 24th October 2012

“The level of service at Sydonie Art is fantastic. Having been a customer for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism . Thank you!” Your recent exhibition...A beautiful collection; exploring emotion, hopes, silent moments and creativity. Feeling very blessed to be a part of your moment. Thank you for sharing."

Judy Furguson 25th October 2012

"Great work"

Darren Jewell 28th October 2012

"Great work! I particularly like the link between landscapes and portraits work, which i'd imagine would be very hard to achieve. The qualities super and range of work is impressive, with a diverse range of landscape, portraits , modern and traditional this mixed with a touch of culture makes the work a pleasure to look at. As a whole the exhibition is exciting and enjoyable to view."

Mark Ellul 29th October 2012

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